• Modern glazing is available to protect up to 99% of harmful UV radiation, which can cause your art to fade over time.
  • The decision to use UV (ultra-violet) screening glazing is based on the media that you are framing and how prone it is to fading over time, as well as the light exposure where you intend to hand the pierce
  • Some types of artwork not prone to fading are oil paintings, silver-darkroom photographs and modern archival ink jet prints
  • Watercolors, conventional posters
  • However, If a lot of light exposure is anticipated only use UV rating glazing – the price difference is worth it over time
  • If the artwork has no value and you do not care about it then longevity with UV rating is not necessary.
  • It would be a shame if your item fades because the glass doesn’t properly protect your piece
    • Why UV is glazing important?

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