1. Choose our in-stock material mouldings—discounts from 20-75% from retail even if you only order one piece.
    (Special orders are inefficient as they consume time, purchasing costs, packaging material waste, transportation costs, and fuel, and will delay your order’s completion)
  2. Order Quantity: multiples in the same specifications, especially uniform size will result in increased discounts
  3. Total Order Scope: If you have a large scale order even in a range of styles and designs we will provide enhanced discounts

Materials Optimization – Standard Sizes Equals more savings
Some Frame materials come in standard sizes. Therefore, if we design your work into those sizes it can result in lower pricing as there may be less waste and labor. This is critical when designing volume projects.

For example, if you order frames that are 17 x 21, you can only get two mats from a sheet of 32 x 40″ whereas 16 x 20 frames yield four sheets per mat board. Although the labor may be the same, materials costs are reduced, and there is less waste, therefore we can pass the savings on to you.

Common Standard sizes
16 x 20 – efficient matting size, box glass
18 x 24
20 x 24
22 x 28
24 x 30
24 x 36
32 x 40 – standard matboard, foamcore, glass
36 x 48 – largest practical glass size
40 x 60 – standard matboard, foamcore oversize
48 x 72 – limited mat board selection in this size
48 x 96 – foam core, mat board* (100% white rag only)
48 x 96, 50 x 100 Acrylic
48 x 96: Optium Museum Acrylic
*white rag only, some oversize mat board available

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