Our Wizard Z9000 is used for all of our mat cutting.

It provides a diverse set of creative capabilities, including debossing, decorative pen lines, cut vinyl embellishments, and it can even create custom boxes and protective frame corners.

If you have a decorative mat opening design in mind, we will work with you to create it!

Wizard Z1 CMC computerized mat cutter
Wizard Z9000 CMC computerized mat cutter

Wizard Overview – scroll through to midway to see applications (best to turn off sound :))

As a general rule of thumb no.  However, sometimes we have frames leftover from larger runs typically 24×30 but sometimes 16×20.  These frames do not include glass or backing, charged separately.

Sure.  Bring it in so we can inspect the damage and provide the best options. If it is simple sometime we can do it while you wait and tour of collections or use our WIFI.  It also is the perfect time to upgrade glazing if it lacks UV or you would prefer reflection control.  Conservation materials should also be reviewed if the frame is older to ensure matting is not damaging the piece.