Great Question! There are a number of reasons…

  • We can offer you “wholesale to the public” pricing.
  • Rent for our facility is a fraction of a retail location.
  • We have room for our large range of inventory.
  • We have the space for an array of equipment that would not be possible in high-end retail.
  • All of this keeps our costs down which are then passed on to you.
  • There are several artists in the area which attracted us, including:

Once you arrive here you will be amazed by our wonderful space!

We have a spacious design room with skylights where we can spread out options for all your art pieces, even your oversized ones. This is often not possible in a retail shop.

  • Eco Framing is located on our own private cul de sac, Apple Street.
  • Look for our green ivy-covered gate.
  • Our secure street has parking right at our front door for loading and unloading.
  • You will see our ivy draped awning and rust-colored front door.
  • Please ring the doorbell or call 510-338-6160 and we will be right out!
  • From the 880 freeway:
    • take 98th exit, head East toward the hills up 98th to Pearmain – just before San Leandro Street traffic light
    • Turn right onto Pearmain and take the 5th street on the right — Apple Street. Watch for our gate.
  • From the 580 freeway:
    • Take the 98th exit, drive down the hill
    • Pass the San Leandro Street traffic light intersection
    • Turn left onto Pearmain and take the 5th street on the right to Apple Street.
    • If you’re coming from South you can navigate down 105th ave and enter through Gravenstein or Apple off Pearmain
  • Pearmain has potholes – please drive with care.
  • Please know that there is a homeless camp on Pearmain near the 100th ave.
  • Drive slowly but please don’t be worried about that — The City sadly has been unable to resolve the un-housed situation Citywide as well as illegal dumping – we are actively involved in lobbying for change!

  • We recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure an optimal one-on-one private consultation without interuptions
    We will set aside a block of time depending on your scope to focus on your project in an unrushed manner
  • Parking
    • Apple St. is a private street off Pearmain – park in front of the rust colored double door entrance
    • Curbide white glove service available for loading in or out
    • Please ring the doorbell and we will be right out to greet you!
    • We invite you check out our gallery of past projects on the way in to the showroom
  • Protect your artwork in transit.
    • Take care to protect your artwork and its surface
    • Transport with rigid backing or in a tube to it does not get bent, scratched or dented
    • If your piece is already framed, we will take it apart when you arrive for your design session.
  • Design Review – matching the style of your home or business
    • If possible, take a picture of the room or place you plan to hang your new piece
    • Sharing these images with us help us advise on design style.
    • BEST: Take a wide view showing the room, and additional shots showing details of finishes and style