The Eco Framing Story
an open letter from Bennett Hall
President and Founder

Conserving our Natural Resources...One frame at a time.

In 1980, we became involved in custom framing by producing complex exhibits and art programs for corporations, hotels, government facilities, museums, and for private clients.

Over the years, we became increasingly concerned about how custom framing as an industry seem to lag behind the movement to make our world more "eco-friendly". We examined inefficiencies in the production processes, how venders produced their mouldings, how framing and exhibits were design and asked ourselves, how can we improve.

We decided to not only change our name but establish a new mission: produce museum-level custom picture framing with a reduced carbon footprint, encourage everyone we worked, suppliers and customers to participate in the conversation, and to ultimately reduce prices at the same time - a compelling combination.

This meant changing how we do business, far more than a green bin, a blue bin and swapping out our t12 lights for t8’s.  This meant how we bought materials and from whom, inspiring frame designs with sustainable products, redesigning our workflow and along the way influencing the practices of our venders whenever possible.

We look forward to being of service and introducing our 'game-changing' approach to custom framing on your next project.

We think that you will like it.

Bennett Hall
President and Senior Designer

Please ping me and let me know what you think of our green idea

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