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Overall, we consider ourselves architects of framing, searching to explore materials in innovative manners.  While often traditional, using length moulding, mat board and glass, we love to engineer and design challenges that push the boundary when we are called to do so.  Over the decades, we have worked with many materials you would not expect to find in a frame shop: concrete, neon, bondo, welded steel, water features, computer circuit boards, money, stainless steel, canvas, tempered glass, exotic hardwoods of all kinds, cast bronze and fossils.  Frames have been beaten, acid stained, burned, drilled, electrified, attacked with industrial grinders and made into giant cuts to hang from tall buildings.   It can be a lot of fun.

Among these explorations are a variety of techniques that have applications you may want to consider for special pieces. And let’s face it, when you are framing a 15th century gold dagger, as we did from Saudi Arabia , the gift of a prince, it really does have to be special.

Map created by Bennett Hall, installed for film set

Closed Corner Framing

A closed corner frame is by definition one that has first been joined into the final size and then subsequently finished, resulting in a frame that has no visible mitered corners.  This method has been a traditional framing method for centuries and is often consider the pinnacle of museum framing.  Not surprisingly, it is also typically the most expensive, and requires several months of waiting for the piece to be produced by a career craftsman and shipped to us. We use specialty craft shops for this work in different parts of the country, and invite you to look at our samples if you are consider framing that Monet or Warhol, knowing that the piece deserves the ultimate frame.

Closed Corners

Custom Milling

Custom milling allows us to work with dimension lumber matched to your project specifically (such as Ipe) or when larger structural components are not available conventionally.  Using different methods, we route, join and assemble the structure for the frame, and finish the moulding with natural stains or oils, or paint finishes.  We can design this for you or fabricate this per your architect’s plans

Hand-painted, wrapped and modified Frames

We also apply custom paint, material and other modifications to the frame moulding to create unique artist finishes. This could be a matter of hand-painted the frame to match a specific architectural detail, applying colorized mortars to simulate a frame made of concrete, wrapping moulding with the vinyl from a ‘54 Chevy, or wrapping a frame in chains and burning it with a torch for a Halloween display.  Put another way, this is consider the frame part of the artwork itself or as an integrated architectural element in your interior or for a special display or even theatrical project.

Hand-painted Matting and floats

One of our signature styles is applying custom paint finishes to various levels and depths of matting and floats. This enables us to match the color and texture of matting precisely to elements of the artwork. It also provides a continuous color for the matting should you find the normal white or black edge objectionable. This is chosen for its precision and to accentuate aspects of the art or its composition.

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