Framing memorabilia is a process that uses shadowboxes or other structures to secure valuable objects and artifacts in displays.
Incoporating narratives, signage and graphics is often part of this process, especially in commercial applications.

"Cherished Memories", baby's first shoes, vacation souvenirs, photos, childhood or adult keepsakes —we'll help you create a shadowbox as distinctive as the items you are preserving.

See Shadow boxes

Business Applications

Milestone artifacts
business products and merchandise - historical or current
Trophies, awards
Historical artifacts
Stock certificates
Vintage brochures, annoucements, and promotional materials

Personal projects using memorabilia

Collectables - rocks, flora, fauna, stamps, coins
flags, banners
photographs, vintage menus, tour collectables
business products
Trophies, prizes, awards
musical instruments, records, awards
sports memorabilia, balls, tickets, jerseys
Historical artifacts
Childhood memorabilia
wedding mementos
Stock certificates

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