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We deliver your frames "ready to hang".
Please determine which hanging method is right for your project.

Hanging Hardware

Standard Wire
Wire is the most common method, and the easiest to install. Pictures hung on wire have a tendency shift, causing the picture to lose its level from time to time. Wire also leaves the picture angled slightly out from the wall.

We use only plastic shield wire for your protection.

For "do-it-yourself" installs, this is the most common method

Floreat Hangers
These are the 'better mousetrap' of wall hanging hardware - we suggest the 2-nail version up to about 30 lbs and the 3 nail version for pieces to 50 lbs. Our specifications are also two per pieces for wire to minimize the drift in level that will occur if only one hanger is used.

Z-Bar Cleat System
Z bar is a two-part extruded aluminum cleat system that enables a very tight and sure fit between the artwork and the wall. Once installed, the piece will not slip from level and is very secure in the event of a temblor. It is more expensive and harder to install in some ways that conventional wire, however it more precise and professional. For large or heavy pieces it is especially recommended. The corresponding wall cleat is secured by #10 screw to green sinkers in the case of drywall.

D-Rings or Mirror strap hangar
D-rings are more tradition hanging system for mirrors and larger pieces. They are secured to the frame by 1-3 screws into the vertical rails of the frame. These enable hanging to the wall on either Floreat hangers or other screw type protrusions from the wall. They are relatively secure, but do not provide for a very tight fit to the wall in many cases.

Security Hardware
Security hanging hardware is available upon request. This is useful in public areas where theft may be an issue. The normal approach for this involves the use of "T" screw at the bottom of the frame that secures the bottom rail to the wall with a rotating screw turned with a special wrench.

Note on Security: the "security" between the artwork and the wall is limited by the strength of the wall - therefore, if the installation is on standard drywall, the "weakest link" is the drywall. Someone determined to remove the artwork, will be able to pull it from the wall without considerable. True security can only be achieved by securing to the wall framing or studs, or through the use of adhesives that increase the strength of the bond to wall is completely flush such as with signage installations

We have installed thousands of images in government buildings, hotels, corporate facilities and hospitals throughout California, using a variety of methods based on the our clients requirements

Installations include security installation, cleats, earthquake proofing for heavy objects and mirrors as well as conventional picture hanging.

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