Standard Glass

Available in 2mm and 2.5" thickness
standard sizes include 16 x 20, 20 x 24, 24 x 30/36, 28 x 32, 32 x 40, 36x48

We do not suggest using glass larger than 32 x 40 as general practice

Thicker glass is greener in tone and naturally heavier


Conservation Clear

This glass product protects your artwork from harmful UV radiation

Made by TruView – US made, optically neutral

We do not recommend hanging anything where strong sunlight hits the artwork

Recommended for watercolors, posters (ink fades), vintage photography, anything precious or of unknown stability


Non-glare Glass

Non-glare minimizes reflections from lighting conditions

Excellent for hanging in harshly lit areas with reflections

Allows for your frame to be easily viewed from any angle.



The ultimate glazing product in our view

Museum glass is the most optical perfect of glazing options

Virtually invisible in the frame

99% UV screening to protect artwork

Considerably more expensive than regular glass – brace yourself – however it is exceptional


Plexiglas / Acrylic Sheets

Standard thickness .118", thicker and thinner sheets can be ordered

Available in standard, 97% UV, non-glare, UV non-glare

Non-glare is not as optical clear as non-glare glass


Glass vs. Acrylic

Acrylic largely derived from petroleum - less green

Glass breaks and Plexiglas scratches.

Improper cleaning may result in surface abrasions in Plex

Plex will not break under normal transit conditions

Plex weighs less than glass

Acrylic is more expensive

Plexiglas has outstanding optical clarity

Plexiglas is more color neutral

Normal glass tends towards a greenish tint.

We recommend acrylic for these situations:

  • larger pieces (over 32 x 40) to reduce risk of breakage in transit or in general
  • High-traffic areas if safety is an issue as acrylic is shatterproof, or secure facilities
  • Any location where concern about broken glass could be an issue, such behind a bed

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