Contract Framing

Contract framing involves producing large quantities of same or similar sized pieces, often with many multiples of the same image, for example for a hotel where the same picture may be used in hundreds of guest rooms. The approach is appropriate for installations in multiple locations, larger scale enterprise projects, hospitals, government facilities, corporate gift or award programs, and especially when a consistent standard of design is ideal.

Production in quantity also enables an economy of scale in all details of the workflow. Further, production of artwork designed to size standards, a service we can also provide for you, streamlines the workflow and enables content to be developed concurrent to the framing work.  These optimized efficiencies of labor and materials ensure price reductions, waste minimization, eliminate errors, and improve turnaround. 

This process identifies your requirements, schedule, specifications. We work closely with you to determine the options best suited for your project and produce necessary prototypes for presentation and testing in model locations.

Eco-framing’s ability to coordinate large scale programs and integrated custom graphics and printing adds additional value, and in some cases can make the critical difference when you are trying to meet a tight schedule, as we become a single source for your solutions.

Supporting this workflow may include custom runs of moulding, production of all or part of your project in other contracted facilities around the country or overseas, coordination of delivery and installation to be as local as possible, on-site management by our team. This is in addition to the work we produce in our San Francisco production facility. We partner with several leading manufacturers who combined provide scalable options of unlimited scope.

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