Conservation Framing

We offer museum and conversation framing to protect your valuable artwork, using approved methods and a variety of options based on your requirements and budget..

Through the use of acid-free mats and UV-blocking glass, you can reduce the damaging effects of light and air on your art. Conservation framing is an excellent choice for irreplaceable, valuable, or original art, newspapers and other original documents, or items that will be displayed near windows.

Conversation Matting and backing

Materials include acid-free and lignin-free (BEST: 100% cotton "rag") mat and mount boards containing no impurities that can damage the art. Conservation framing is done in manner that prevent the artwork from coming into contact with any material that would have a long-term denigrating effect. Conservation mounting methods are also available, or artwork is hinged with approved materials to acid free to 100% rag backing.

Ordinary pulp-based matboard contains acids and lignins, which, over a period of time, damage the artwork. Conservation quality matboard is free of all acids, lignins and other impurities. The result is an inert or pH neutral board that will cause no damage to the artwork over time. The best product is 100% rag (paper-free)

In true archival framing, artwork is never mounted, thereby always maintaining your ability to separate the artwork from its backing.

What is Conservation Framing?

The use of materials that have been proven to protect and maintain art in as close to its original condition as possible.
The normal approach involves conservation hinging of the artwork to 100% acid-free matting and backing. UV-filtering glazing is also used.

Special tapes and methods are used to seal the artwork in the frame and protect the artwork from contact with any element of the frame that may cause harm, such as treated wood, and to protect against
any potentially harmful environmental factors.

It is essential to employ this method of framing for valuable or rare art pieces that represent an investment.

UV-Screening Glazing

UV-filtering glazing, (96-99% filtering) both acrylic and glass, protect the art from irreversible damage caused by light exposure.

Ultra-violet light is one of the most dangerous elements that your artwork can encounter. It will not only cause your colors to fade, but will cause the materials themselves to begin to break down in the frame.
Conservation quality glass is specially formulated to filter out up to 99% of UV light.

Visible light is also known to effect artwork, and the only true way to perfectly protect artwork from any fading is not leave it in a light-tight drawer, however this is hardly an effective way of displaying art.

Conservation upgrade from existing framing

Do you have frames that you like but notice the artwork may be at risk of fading from excess light? Is the matting turning yellow? Water stains evident or corners popping? Let us restore the frame you already own, fit and refit the artwork properly, change the matting to be conservation grade or a more appropriate color, touch up the corners and return it to you as good as new. Glazing issues? If light is a problem, consider an UV glass or UV Plexiglas upgrade – protecting you valuable artwork from up to 97% of harmful radiation.

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