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Eco Framing has created custom framing solutions since 1980 under the studio name Bennett Hall Images, Images Framing or business Image Group.

We take pride in our community and public space exhibits. We thanks the Palace Hotel, Washington Hospital in Fremont, the US District Courts, the Omni Hotel, technology firm Marimba, the Century Plaza Hotel, the San Francisco Bay Club, Hills Plaza, and those intrepid rowers from UC's Cal Crew.

Whether producing a public exhibits, an exquisite personal project, contract framing for retail or internet distribution, we are dedicated to delivering top quality, creative design, and the best possible value for our clients - now with a dedication to industry leading "green" best practices.

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Carmel Mission Inn, 2000

Project: Room artwork and convention areas
Single-source - custom photographic artwork shot on location for project, digital printing, picture framing.

Century Plaza Hotel, 1997-99

Created exhibits celebrating Hotel's first 30 years with exhibits including site history of 1926 construction of 20th Century Fox‚żˇżˇs ‚żˇżˇTalking Studios,‚żˇżˇ through the present.

The exhibits showcase the glamour of Fox films and its stars, the development of Century City and the remarkable history of the Hotel itself.

Compile images from six Presidential libraries, the White House, NASA, 20th Century Fox, the Century City Chamber of Commerce and independent photographers.

Framing: Top quality, La Marche moldings, silk wrap matting and hand-painted bevel bottom mats to complement the hand-tinted or color images. Central display on celebrity guests used Flexframe style display cases fabricated to hold up 15 images each in operable 4" water guilded Gold framing

Framing Details - Ronald Reagan Suite:
24k water guilded gold framing and filets
100% silk matting.
Prints grouped to depicted different aspects of President Reagan‚żˇżˇs life and career.

Installation included onsite

South Hallway of Ronald Reagan Suite,

Nancy Reagan tours Ronald Reagan Suite
exhibits during its opening reception

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., 1991-92

Design, specified, source and produce artwork and required signage for branches of the brokerage throughout the US and the UK.

Images include Wall Street 1880 , contemporary NYSE views, the American Exchange, Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, action shots of brokerage industry, and local community history localizing each branch.

Pacific Coast Stock Exchange
Photograph by Bennett Hall © 1992

Chemical Waste Management

Images of the company‚żˇżˇs facilities and projects
Historical images related to client base
Landscape photography.

The landscapes reinforce firm‚żˇżˇs environmental mission

Images ‚żˇżˇfloated‚żˇżˇ on brushed stainless steel backgrounds

Case Study for CWM

Del Webb Corporation

Exhibit of black and white portraits of movie stars including Judy Garland, Humphrey Bogart Frank Senatra, Raquel Welch, Bing Crosby, and Jerry Lewis.

Del Webb's retirement center's main entertainment Las Vegas, NV

El Camino Hospital

Exhibits expressing local area and the history of their institution.
Modern photography of area children at play for birthing area

Case Study for El Camino Hospital

Fog City Diner

Create artwork that express the "Fog City" theme expansion restaurants.

Osaka, Japan, Las Vegas, NV Dallas, TX

Hills Bros. Coffee Co. / 1996

Interpretive history exhibit on the Hills Bros. Coffee Company

2 Harrison Street, San Francisco.

Hyatt Regency Monterey, 1991

Room Artwork
1,200 hand-tinted historical images
Images created from vintage glass plate negatives, Hand-tinted, reproduced, and framing

Family touring Pacific Grove
Hand-tinted by Bennett Hall
for Hyatt Regency, Monterey

Life Chiropractic College 1995 - current:

Hundreds of framed pictures, signs and displays for the college
Design and production of a historical timeline mural on the history of the Chiropractic Profession and Life Chiropractic

The Lurie Company

esign the art program for the Lurie Company's executive office.

Framing: custom milled in exotic hardwood, Jatoba, Deep bevel and floated images
Hand-painted and silk mat details. Each image was photographed by Bennett Hall covering the many properties owned by the Lurie Company.

The Mark Hopkins Hotel,
Lurie Co.

Marimba / BMC Software

Art programs and displays of customer testimonials throughout the 100,000 sq. foot Marimba Campus (see www.marimba.com, now a part of BMC Software.

Areas were themed to provide inspiration as well as a fun environment for the staff.

2001: design for the employee cafe, renamed "Cafe' Marimba"
Elegant Tuscan theme
Faux paint finishes,
Exercise room, ping pong and pool area
Coordinate furniture, lighting and accessories

FlexFrame display, Marimba

MoMo's San Francisco Grill

Project: Vintage art programs and decor for Restaurant

Historical photographs of San Francisco, beveled mirrors. Contemporary shots of Beaux Arts Masterpiece, the City Hall were used for the Mayor's room, in private dining area. We have just recently redesigned their main banquet room with a similar SF historical theme, completed in time for the World Series, 2002.

Private Banquet Room

Nestle Beverage Company 1993-97:

Art Programs
Branding Displays

organize, reproduce, restore, framed and install photography and graphics specific companies owned by Nestle Beverage Company.

Scope: 200,000 sq. ft. in the Harrison Street headquarters, hundreds of framed prints, photographs and display systems.

NewCon Construction Company

Case Studies and local area content

This Fremont based company moved into its newly built owned premises in December 2001, requiring framed artwork to be installed throughout its entire facility. Artwork used consisted of a combination of poster art, historical photographs of the local community, local Fremont landscape photography, and custom photography to display major projects, by Bennett Hall. NewCon project photography displayed with FlexFrame fixtures to enable content to be changed on demand. Framing - solid maple, sustainable US Made.

Olympic Club - Lakeside Country Club

Project: History of Golf at Lakeside

The Lakeside Country Club has been home to several memorable US Opens, including the 1955, 1966, 1987 and 1998. Throughout the Club, BIG‚żˇżˇS exhibits showcase these events and the Olympic Club‚żˇżˇs tradition of excellence. Services included: content development, exhibit design, photographic printing, calligraphy, framing and installation.

Omni Hotel

Exhibit of historical photographs of San Francisco which define the guest experience in the Hotel's main restaurant, Bob's Steak and Chop House (click to view a virtual tour).

Pacific Bell

Office Art Programs

Over the course of 10 years, BIG produced exhibit programs for three main facilities and 5 Executive Communication Centers. (ECC)  Principal exhibits were historical images of the telephone company combined with the local area history of the each facility - Fresno, Sacramento and San Francisco. The ECC's were done with high tech wide metical style frames with contemporary digital abstract images.


Creating the Ideal Marketing Environment

Design and produce leasing office graphic program
Custom Photography
Model Photography and composites
Pankow Project history
Materials boards
Hypothetical floor plans

The client credited us with creating
‚żˇżˇThe ideal marketing environment.‚żˇżˇ

Material Boards and Hypothetical floor plans for 2101 Webster Street building

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur California

Guest room, Bar, Restaurant and visitor center artwork telling the stories of the colorful individuals from Big Sur and Post Ranch history with each of its exclusive guest rooms.

San Francisco Bay Club

Art programs and Display solutions

Hand-tinted historical views of the Club‚żˇżˇs neighborhood
Contemporary San Francisco Photography
FlexFrame¬ģ Systems for information display
Personnel Displays

Similar projects were produced for the Golden Gate Tennis Club, the Bay Club Bank of America, Decathlon Club, Courtside Los Gatos, and the Bay Club Marin

Court Cafe, San Francisco Bay Club

The Palace Hotel, 1991

Project: Public space historical exhibits
Organize archives of the Palace Hotel back to 1876 and produced approximately 200 framed photographic prints showcasing their history.
Installation of Pied Piper painting over bar.
Source and design memorabilia display cases

Main Corridor of the Palace Hotel features four
ornate brass vitrines that display historical artifacts
and photographs of the Palace Hotel.

TriStar Pictures 1994:

Principle Set for Feature Film

Project: Create set artwork by enlarging Rand-McNally map of the United States to enormous (70' x 34') proportions. Project created from eighteen separate negatives, and executed in less than a week. Detail was precision to the smallest towns and roadways enabling close-ups

"So I Married an Axe Murderer" opens in the Roads Cafe, a mythical beat hang-out in San Francisco's North Beach.

Roads Cafe, for "So I married an Axe Murderer"

United States District Courts, 2002-2012

Historical Exhibits on San Francisco & 9th District

Business Image Group assisted the US District Courts, San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland by producing exhibit programs using the history of the local communities served by the Courts. Historical photographs were installed in the public corridors outside the court rooms, as well as the jury rooms and chambers. A total of about 500 framed pieces were produced.

Ceremonial Wall Exhibit, 19th Floor
Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate

University of California Rowing Center, 2004-05


Codesign and produce exhibits for the new Rowing Center depicting the history and story of the famous UC California Rowing Crew.
Content scanned to create high resolution 'legacy' files, and digitally mastered for select pieces used in feature exhibits.
Refined caption information to accompany presentations,
Digital printing,
Bronze and cast signage
Custom Framing, installation was also handled by our crew.

Veterans Administration, 2000, Palo Alto

Custom-built displays of the history of the original Palo Alto VA, Veteran and Military history,

Washington Hospital, Fremont 1997-2005

Source and create new content, design and produce exhibit programs throughout approximately 400,000 square feet of space.
Project combines historical images from the community, the history of the Hospital, and contemporary landscape photography shot by Bennett Hall throughout the local area

Framing and installation included

Washington Hospital - hand-sculpted emblem

Create two hand-sculpted emblems that resemble a cast metal sign, features 3-D sculptural elements formed in cast bondo and hand-cut letters, custom-painted to coordinate with the lobby design.

Design based on the clients' 1948 logo design. Emblem created using traditional techniques, emulating how it would have been made in 1948 when the hospital district was first established.


Large mural mounting and framing for model agency, San Francisco

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