Turnaround and Schedule
  If you select from our in-house preferred collection, small frame orders can produce in a few days to a week depending on our queue.  This can be a key advantage of selecting from our current inventory.

We will provide our best estimate of completion dates at the time of your order.

Special Orders
If special orders are required, it may take several weeks or more to complete your job depending on the supplier. Please allow time for shipping and order management. In the unusual event that our supplier is out of stock on your chosen profile, or other changes arise, we will let you know right away and explore suitable substitutes if necessary

Rush service is also available in the event that you require an expedited turnaround.
Large Projects
Eco Framing has the capability to produce complex and large-scale projects.  These may require patience and an allowance for engineering the optimal solution

Volume projects
These projects can take from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on the scope, assuming that custom moulding runs overseas are not involved. Large projects may require special runs depending on the product and our supplier’s current inventory.
Graphics and printing combined with Custom Framing
Eco framing is fully integrated with Business Image Groups creative and digital imaging studio.  This enables us to provide you with scanning, digital restoration, graphic design, research, copywriting, signage and digital printing in coordination with framing project. Often, if the sizes are standard, we can concurrent prefabricated your frames while the digital works if being produced to reduce the turnaround and for your convenience.   

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