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Business Image Group (BIG) transforms ordinary office art programs into visual communication, providing "Brand Strategy for Buildings." Recognizing an inherent need to integrate brand identity with their facilities, BIG's offers a single source solution for exhibits, art programs and visual displays. Content is chosen to inspire, educate and influence, and is customized to client business objectives, positioning, market segments, and localization requirements.

The digital workflow enables "mission critical" content to be repurposed in other applications: tradeshows, publications, websites, or broadcast media. This enhances projects by including brand assets, heritage or other content, as these resources can then become accessible conveniently and economically enterprise-wide. BIG's solution bundles strategy, content development, photography, high-end scanning, copywriting, graphic design, facility planning, exhibit production, print publishing, web integration, locatilization, and digital asset management (DAM).

BIG’s roots extend to 1980 when Hall began using branded content for corporate clients in facilities projects for Pacific Bell, Southern Pacific, Hyatt Hotels and others. BIG’s model evolved as technology solutions for images became feasible around 1997, leading to projects that simultaneously published books, produced exhibits, and managed PR assets releases deployed with one work-flow

Business Image Group is currently launching a series of integrated content websites beginning with San Francisco Images - www.sfimages.com which features photography and digital images of the City, past and present.
Eco Framing is a subsidiary of Business Image Group.

Historical exhibit for the US District Courts at the Federal building, 450 Golden Gate, San Francisco

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